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Chris Cocozza, an award winning bookcover artist

Chris Cocozza, an award winning bookcover artist, has illustrated over 500 bookcovers for major publishers across the United States and abroad. From romance novels to children's books, his portfolio demonstrates a wide range of "looks", photographic to impressionistic, all exquisitely depicting the concept you have in mind.  
Chris Cocozza_Bookcover_Romance

Welcome to Escribe Romántica Chris Cocozza, it is a pleasure and an honor to have you with us today. I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to be here.
Thank you! It is a pleasure and an honor to be asked to share with your readership. I am flattered and humbled that you have an interest in my work. Thank you .

Tell us, How did begin your relationship with the romantic client line (Harlequin, Avon Books, Penguin-Putnam, Harper Collins, among others)?
My relationships with the publishers developed by repeatedly sending my work to them, and building a solid reputation within the industry.
As to the models on the book cover, ¿Is there any database references for this books? Who chooses the models? Where do they get their costumes? Do you do a photo shoot with them?

The process of choosing and working with the models is pretty streamline at this point in my career. I work primarily with New York model agencies and photographers to meet, create and depict the specifications in the art directors cover instructions. I coordinate the props and costumes with professionals who specialize in creating and providing them. I need to capture a moment in time historically, and emotionally.

Chris, in a few footsteps, Can you describe the process you normally doing to create each cover? Do you read the novels? Do you do author interview? Do you talking with the publishers?
The process varies from publisher to publisher but generally follows these steps:
1) Art Instructions are sent to me by the art director/buyer describing the scene, time period, level of sensuality, hero, heroine, emotional connection and tone layout, color palette, graphic and text elements.
2) Discuss with the decision makers any questions I may have with the preliminary instructions.
3) Gather information and resources. This includes, models, costumes, reference, and props.
4) Coordinate scheduling for photo shoot, costumes, props and models.
5) Edit shoot outtakes and send best shots to art director for review.
6) Work up sketches for art director.
7) Revise sketches towards final.
8) Present final book cover artwork.

How many proof you usually do for each book cover?

I do not work with the proofs directly, that is a term we use to describe the process between the printer and the publisher. As the illustrator, I provide a sketch, a concept, that is modified through revisions to a final, The number of sketches vary. The purpose is to generate enough variations for the client to fine tune and even enhance the original concept.

Does the design varies depends the region?

Yes, the design can vary due to region but also varies due to the time period depicted, publisher, book imprint, and target market, just to name a few.

How long does it take to finish the project?

Depends. Start to finish, could be 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

Chris, according your opinion, tell me about the key points what makes a successful cover. What basic features should have a good cover of romance novels? (Colors, fonts…)

The most important aspect to consider when creating a romance book cover is the the “emotional chemistry. I try to make sure the models are also good actors and can be comfortable moving in and out of the poses. We often do many variations of a theme. Composition is very important. It’s important to draw the viewer into the story and keep them riveted.
What are the parameters do you use to design a cover? For example: When is a naked sexy male back , or a particular pose for a woman?

The parameters of the pose are set from the beginning and then we do variations. It may start as, “The couple is lying on the bed, the heroine is facing the viewer and we see the hero’s back”. I then use that basic pose and build off of it. We do many variations and try to pick the most exciting and dynamic one for the cover.

Have you any favorite model with which you like to work?

Yes, from time to time I do. In fact, it is very hard to see the models I have worked so well with and so successfully with move on. I am so thankful to all the models, photographers, prop people, authors, publishers and their printers I have worked with. It is absolutely wonderful to be in this business and I am so grateful!
What is your favorite cover have you made?

Season for Scandal_Theresa Romain
Season for Scandal
I don’t have a favorite. I enjoy working on all my assignments because of the diversity.
Finally, Can you tell us about your next project?
My next project is called “Season for Scandal” a Zebra book, a historical romance by Theresa Romain. This book is part of a series of Regency Christmas romances. The art director from Zebra Books, Janice Rossi, provided a cover suggestion of a solitary heroine in a beautiful white dress reclining or sitting on a chaise lounge, starring at the viewer. Janice suggested to use a white on white color palette. This is the third book in the series.

Chris, thanks a million for sharing with us.

You are very welcome. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story. Blessings to you and all my fans in Spain!

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Chris Cocozza_Bookcover_Romance_1Chris Cocozza_Bookcover_Romance

Chris Cocozza_Bookcover_RomanceChris Cocozza_Bookcover_Romance

Chris Cocozza_Bookcover_Romance


Chris Cocozza_Bookcover_RomanceChris Cocozza_Bookcover_Romance

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